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Since 2001 DECO International Security Corporation has established itself as a leader in providing professional security services to organizations like yours. In response to increasing demands from our clients for assistance in cyber security readiness, DECOCYBER Group was established to meet that demand.

The DECOCYBER team is comprised of recognized Cyber Security Experts from premier federal law enforcement, national defense and private sector organizations.
We take the time to understand the uniqueness of your systems and processes in order to customize your Cyber Security Services.

Your customized Cyber Security Services will reduce your risk, measure your progress, be fully integrated with your critical business processes and offer realistic outcomes.
If you are ready to build Cyber Resilience across your enterprise contact us today!

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Our Services

Security Risk Assessment

Don’t operate in the dark! Find out what you need to know to build a robust security program

Vulnerability Assessment

Do you know your critical weaknesses?! Identify your weaknesses to protect your applications, servers and networks.

Penetration Testing

Strengthen your defenses from internal or external attacks.


The everyday behavior of your employees creates one of the greatest risks to your organization.


Link your security practice to your business goals and objectives.